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    Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai Samsung Galaxy S20 FE ke baare mein aur share ki hai isi Samsung Galaxy S20 FE ki aur share ki hai isi Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition ki kuch detaikls. S20FE mein 6.5" FHD+ Infinity-O Super AMOLED Display hai 120Hz Refresh Rate ke saath mein aur yaha pe hai Exynos 990 Processor, 8GB RAM aur 128GB Internal Storage. Galaxy S20 FE mein Triple Rear Cameras hai jaha hai 12MP Main Camera, 12MP Ultra Wide Camera aur 8MP Telephoto Camera 3x zoom ke saath mein, saath mein hai 32MP ka Selfie Camera, Galaxy S20 FE mein 4500mAh ki battery hai aur isme hai 25W Fast Charging aur Fast wireless charging aur reverse wireless charging. Yaha ek giveaway bhi hai aapke liye isi Galaxy S20FE Smartphone ka. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko Samsung Galaxy S20 FE ki yeh unboxing aur first look video pasand aayegi.
    #GalaxyS20FE #MadeForFans #TeamGalaxy
    Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Price in India:
    8GB + 128GB = 49,999INR (41,999INR After offers)

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    1. Technical Guruji

      Kya haal hai #TGFamily...Love you guys..jaldi se LIKE aur SHARE kardo...

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        @Wrapped Memes ç

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        Sir aap mujhe giveaway dete hi nhi ho

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        Jai Hind Gaurav sir . You will become successful PApromr

    2. Kuldeep Saraswat

      Giveaway Participated Reason need a new phone never used flagship phone and old phone outdated. Colour - Black 🖤 and Cloud mint

    3. Rehan Malik

      Cloud red maza*100

    4. Raghu Babu

      Non chinese Flagship Mobile At Affordable Price

    5. chennuri narsimharao

      I like Design and colors. And also I like AMOLED display,

    6. News tv

    7. Md Arif Hossain

      Nice colours and phone

    8. Somen Ghosh

      Cloud red is the best

    9. Pawan Panika

      I liked the red one.❤️


      Osam 😊

    11. Annasaheb Waje

      Samsung is best

    12. Prashant Dubey


    13. Sachin Gupta

      i like red colour and a good premium phone

    14. Abhijeet Kumar

      Nice phone 👌👌👌👌👌

    15. partap singh

      Colour white

    16. Avinash Kumar

      This is the true flagship phone ip68 rating

    17. Sahil Dahare

      Best true flagship smartphone 😊😊

    18. Narasimhan gorur

      Incredible camera display and battery

    19. ismail sajid

      Superb quality all in one packed phone. Samsung phones are best in display, latest functionality & software and hardware. Awesome product. I too like the Red colour guruji. Looks gorgeous.

    20. Babitha Bhaskar

      I am a big fan of samsung

    21. Vikas lunagariya

      I like this phone colors variety,ip68 rating, camera,S Amoled display & designed.

    22. Life of a Gamer


    23. rajesh dpatel

      I am your biggest .Your heart is so big you are such a great person you are giving us so many things thanks for all that .

    24. Muskaan Fathima


    25. B Singh

      Awesome, almost everything in single packet

    26. Adarsh Kannan

      Awesome Display..❤️ Awesome Look..❤️ Stylish Colour....❤️

    27. Bajariya Taxil

      I love samsung's premium mobiles And also it's display quality

    28. HARSH P

      My reason Good camera Best colours Best display

    29. Anirudh Admane


    30. Muzik Lyrics

      Always Crazy mobile by samsung

    31. Priyanshu sharma

      I like the super amoled display with 120hz refresh rate of this phone

    32. Anurag Kumawat

      nice phone very nc sirji

    33. jaydip rajput

      All colour are beautiful

    34. Revanta

      Samsung s20 FE-- Red...Red....Red...😘

    35. Paras Rolhan

      Please give me the phone

    36. Atharv Awasthi

      I want this phone for online classes

    37. karan Filmy

      Samsung brand great display super amoled display

    38. OMEGA G9

      Price in good


      Samsung is always comes with best performance and loooook . Really it's camera and look is awesome.👍👍

    40. Abzzie

      The refresh rate and colour options are the best in this one!

    41. [A] KATSUKI ZERO

      "giveaway: participated" "Reason:really loved this phone the colors really looks cool" great awesome👌👌

    42. K. Entertainment

      Like a boSs

    43. Ankit Kemwal 2K19ec019



      Nice mobile best performance

    45. Abhay Gautam

      "Giveaway" "Participated" Reason: i like the colour , 120 hz refresh rate with super amoled display and a good processor ❤️🔥


      I love this phone you amazing specifications

    47. Abhilash Bhuyan

      This phone's so so amazing. So much options in colors and specs.. they're top notch.. in love with this one🔥

    48. Sharekh


    49. SHADOW GAMER yt

      I like this mobile's white colour 😘😘

    50. John Bruh

      "Giveaway" "Participated" Kamal ka color "Muhje red ya white chalega" Gazab ka performance Maza hei ay gaya


      The built quality and display looks amazing

    52. Priyangan Kashyap

      The best alternative to OnePlus 8pro

    53. Shivansh Rastogi

      The best I like is it's video stabilization superb quality 👍 And the Super smiled display 🔥🔥🔥🤩🎉🎉

    54. Akash Kumar


    55. sourav Yadav

      Giveaway: participated Color:red Reason: I like this phone and also a big fan of your channel and you and never seen a youtuber like you sir thank you

    56. Jay patel

      Samsung is best for smartphones

    57. Gautam Barman


    58. Shiva Narla

      Well I like the refresh rate and display as always they are best from the Samsung 🔥

    59. Akash ratei

      Phone features is mindblowing

    60. basant swami


    61. Jannat Akhtar

      Awsm camera and colour

    62. Himanshu Singh

      wow kya look h mast my favorite color red 😘

    63. Sambhu Maiti

      Samsung is best camera phone


      The colour of this flagship killer is awesome×100 it's mean fun×100

    65. Archit Nadkarni

      #Giveaway Participated I liked everything about this phone. Camera, Build Quality, Performance, Speakers and everything else. The best thing i liked about this phone is its various colours and its Performance. Its just amazing. Lets hope i win!!!

    66. Nikita Maze

      "Giveaway : participated" Color : cloud levander "Reason: I like the color and camera

    67. Parth Popat

      Awesome colour!!

    68. Harsh Panchal

      Phone look is very best and nice expalnation

    69. Greenie

      I hope if i get this

    70. Hardik Labana

      I love this phone

    71. Shivam Dixit

      You are right Guruji it's red colour makes it premium

    72. Shyam Sunder Jangir

      better phone in better price

    73. Yogesh Verma

      I love samsung phones

    74. Shreyansh Yadav GURU

      Best phone with all colour best colour is Colde mant

    75. dj google

      Red one is great!!!

    76. S XYZ

      Fan of samsung

    77. Devendra Singh

      Samsung,s phone always has a great display and camera features but this has more than think. Nice phone all features are good.

    78. Adhira Achary

      Giveaway participated Reason i love Samsung phone

    79. Overpower Guys

      What I liked is colour .. particularly cloud lavender .

    80. Rv Shekhawat

      Love the design

    81. Nishu Chopra

      Love you guru ji

    82. Aamirkhan Pathan

      Amazing smart phone which is actually smart.

    83. anuja karpe

      My 2 favourite colour is cloud lavender,cloud mint.120HZ refresh rate,smoled display are key features of this phone.

    84. Prabhakaran Doley

      Need a phone please

    85. Yash Rajput

      Fan hu main 🙃

    86. tholiya Chetan

      This mobile phone performence is really good and i will won giveaway.

    87. Sukhpreet Singh

      I am big fan of yours

    88. Sukhpreet Singh

      I like 120 hertz display

    89. Shaharukh Pathan

      My best color could white ❤️🤩 best Features mid range ❤️🤩 thank you samsang ❤️❤️🙌

    90. Akhil Rana

      Love the 120 hz display

    91. Tanish Aneja

      All colours are best but the most I liked is white. TECHNICAL GURUJI👌👌👌👍👍👍👍

    92. Amit B u NiCk

      the look this phone us just awesome & the cloud mint colour is my favourite colour just fabulous... love♥️ u gourav vai such a great content...

    93. Gaurav k

      Pawan sut Hanuman ki siyavar Ramchandra ki Jay Jay Shri Ram Jay Jay Shri Ram 🔥

    94. Sachin yadav

      Giveaway: Participated Reason: Aaj Tak koi giveaway nahi jeeta or sayad yee b nahi 😂😂

    95. Abhay Chauhan

      Giveaway participated Big fan of samsung and I like cloud navy color

    96. Dhuman Gupta

      "Giveaway participate" Reason_ Super Camera Super Battery Osm Collars And Powerful Processor ❤️ Flagship Performance Phone. .The most reason online classes....😔

    97. Sukhpreet Singh

      I like the cloud bue colour most

    98. Ram Harshit

      Cloud lavender colour is my favourite colour cause is suites the best features of Samsung

    99. Lalit Patil

      Display and refresh rate is what I found cool

    100. Rajan Singh

      Red color really so pretty