This Crazy Gadget Can Store Everything *1TB*🔥🔥🔥

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    Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai storage ki aur aise mein maine showcase kiya hai SanDisk Dual Drive LUXE ke 1TB variant ko bahut hi kamaal ka solution hai hamari storage needs ke liye across devices jaise Smartphone, iPad, Laptop ya fir Computers ke liye. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko yeh video pasand aayegi.

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    1. Technical Guruji

      Hamari mutthi mein hai 1TB Storage!!! #TGFamily

      1. Laukik Dhawde


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      3. Subhag Singh Manocha

        Can you please suggest some best phones under 25000

      4. Hardik jharkharia

      5. Adarsh Rajput

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    2. Vedant Potekar

      Does it work for iphone?

    3. Thakor Mayurkumar

      HI SIR ! I AM MAYUR.....

    4. Saroj Tudu

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    10. Ishan Singh

      I don't like these type of pen drives i use mostly those pen drives which are provided to me by PRs but mai ab prefer krta hu ki usbc vali ssd use kru uski speeds mast hoti hai pendrives ab bas printout nikalne ke kaam aata hai q k ek pc se dusre me virus vgerh chale jate hain so format it load your files print it and then again format it

    11. Ronak

      इसकी कीमत 13000 है। को न खरीदे गा ?

    12. Ronak

      Sandisk की पेनड्राइव काफी गर्म होती है इस लिए उसकी ज़्यादातर बॉडी प्लास्टिक की होती है। ओर पेनड्राइव की लाइफ max 10 साल होती है। उसकी read and write स्पीड होती है, यदि ये खत्म हो गई तो पेनड्राइव किसी काम की नही। इस से अच्छा है आप google drive उपियोग करे। मेने कई सारी पेनड्राइव उपियोग कई है बाद में ही लिखा है।

    13. Vishesh Tiwari

      Agar mere pass hoti h 1tb ki pendrive to mi usme mostly documents aur photo store karna pasand karuga


      Mere pas bhi Kingston ke 1 gb ka pendrive he ji

    15. Raman vp

      I could collect all the movies


      Do iphone support this pendrive

    17. Shobha Pathak


    18. Tarun Tarun

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    19. Vinod Chavan

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    20. Gurveer THE Gamer

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      My tab had a 950 gb sd card

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    26. veenesh yadav

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    27. Mayur Singh

      Love you guruji

    28. Entertainment Group

      Sir you can unbox robot

    29. Aiza Noor

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    30. Ämit Das

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    31. Mukesh Gawariya

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    32. Mayank Gilhare

      Mere liye to bhut jaruri ho gya h guruji

    33. Rahul Patel

      I will use 1TB* pendrive for Games☺️ and study material.

    34. Nagender Vashist

    35. Poran Tanti


    36. Yogesh Kumar Singh

      1 TB me to Lagabhag sabhi Mobile ke data rakh skta hun... Lekin problem tb bhi h nahi baar PENDRIVE kharab ho jaati h..

    37. Gautam

      👍 #Gautamchirawa


      I would store lots of anime.

    39. MîLåN SăJãN

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    40. Shinde Om

      What is price of this SanDisk?

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    43. Abdul Aleem

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    44. Milap Agja

      Mere pass ho to me bahot sare photos and songs...mrg ka pura data....sab kuchh bhar du...

    45. Music Lone

      Games store karne ke liye best hai

    46. Rohit Peterson

      Nowadays i am struggling with my laptop storage although it have 1 tb but i have lot of my video, photo, movies, songs and lot of another document which is really important to me So, i need this type of stunning pocket in which i can store all my data

    47. Verified Aman

      I have 32 gb varient

    48. Pankaj Verma

      Most unique idea would be install operating system in it and plugin when you want to use your laptop and disconnect when used. Now no one can use your laptop without connecting this drive as your windows OS on this pendrive.

    49. Jitu Patel

      Are bhai#👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻😘😘

    50. Shubham Patel

      Technical guruji plz upload video of unboxing realme narzo 10

    51. Arjun Babhulkar

      Rather ill prefer 6 TB HDD under 12k , WD OR SEAGATE ..... 🙄🙄🙄

    52. Aarohi Kumari

      I can play minecraft and many more games which I can't play


      Nice Video

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    56. Shashank Gokavi

      If I had 1TB pendrive I would make partitions and installed bootable windows 10 and Linux.

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    65. Charudatta ghodaki

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    67. Ganesh Saud

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    68. pilwan abhishek

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      Bahut badhiya

    70. Uchiha Itachi

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    71. Enorm

      I will store all of my games that my 1 tb HD can't hold anymore

    72. Arin Bakshi

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    75. malay Halder

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    81. Francis Gohil

      India main kab tak availible hogi ye flash drvie?

    82. Francis Gohil

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    83. Aakash Karotiya

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    88. Global Music 5.0

      I am a PApromr + Music video editor my 1 file is of minimum 3 GB . I will store those files in this pendrive. Although it's very less storage for me.

    89. Saikat Ghosh

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    90. Hari Behera

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    91. Roshandeep Kumar Chandrawanshi

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